5G Technology Is Not Just “Download” Speed

The fifth generation of cellular technology, aka 5G, has more capable capabilities than 4G. One of them is the download speed (download) which is claimed to reach 20 Gbps.

However, the purpose of 5G technology itself is said to be not just to offer fast internet speeds that can be used to download documents, watch movies, or just play games. Because this technology can be used for various use cases in various aspects of life.

This 5G technology will not only improve the communication and digital experience for the consumer segment, but its use will also be widespread in the industrial segment.

For consumers, apart from being able to download files at high speed, this technology can also be used to make high-quality video calls and enjoy various virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) entertainment.

The 5G network can also be used to enjoy health services remotely (telehealth), learning with VR modules, the use of Fixed Wireless Access (wireless home internet network), and cloud gaming.

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As for the industrial sector, the use of 5G can include real-time surveillance using drones, remote medical operations, AR-assisted machine repair, online heavy vehicle control, to positioning and tracking cars.

5G technology can also be used to implement smart metering products for electricity distribution, smart factories for factory automation, and smart seaports to carry out various procedures for moving goods at ports remotely.

The implementation of 5G in the future is predicted to open up new opportunities and opportunities for various parties. “The implementation of 5G is expected to open up new opportunities and opportunities for our society, industry and country,” said Harry. Read also: Reasons why 5G Internet needs to be rolled out in Indonesia Telkomsel itself continues to strive to perfect and test the implementation of 5G in Indonesia.

In May 2017, this state-owned cellular operator held the first 5G Demo in the country, followed by the opening of the 5G Experience Center in Jakarta which showcased various use cases of 5G technology. 5G technology was then showcased again at the Telkomsel 5G for Industry 4.0 event in Batam in November 2019 to explore the implementation of 5G in the industrial realm.

Most recently, this 4G successor was also tested at The NextDev Summit in December 2019 to demonstrate 5G capabilities in various smart and AR products.

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